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    Carpet Doctor only uses safe chemicals that when used with our powerful truckmounted cleaning systems give the deepest cleans in the industry..

  • Carpet Cleaning

    Deep clean is the only clean we offer, after all your carpet is not really clean unless it is deep cleaned.

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    Clean tile and grout makes a home shine, we use hight heat and pressure to ensure you get a thorough clean the first time.

The Benefits of Having Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Having your carpeting professionally cleaned is one of the best ways to extend its life and save you money down the road in carpet replacement. The simple fact is that your home vacuum simply can not reach down deep enough and remove those contaminants hiding deep down in the carpeting fibers. Here are just a few benefits of a clean carpet and utilizing the services of Riverview Florida professional cleaning experts.

Contaminants are brought into the home by way of the bottom of shoes. Those tiny pieces of soil and dirt can easily avoid the reach of your store bought vacuum. When those contaminants are left in the carpeting, they act like tiny pieces of sandpaper that wear away the integrity of the carpet fibers. This is what gives certain areas of the carpet a worn out appearance. Professional Riverview carpet cleaners use industrial strength scrubbers and vacuums to loosen and then remove that debris quickly and easily. The carpet will be virtually dry to the touch when they complete the job because barely any water is left behind when they are done.

Another benefit to using the professionals to clean your carpet is that they can remove bacteria and mold trapped at the bottom of the carpet fibers. These contaminants grow in the dark and warm areas deep down carpet and can not be removed with your home vacuum. Bacteria and mold grow quickly from moisture left in the carpet and can affect family members with allergies and sensitive skin. Black mold can grow and lead to serious respiratory issues if not dealt with by professionals with the equipment that can easily remove those contaminants. Once the carpets has been scrubbed and vacuumed clean, the expert carpet cleaners can apply a protectant that is designed to make cleaning up spills in the future much easier. Contact your local Riverview carpet cleaning expert for an estimate today.

Our Services

Carpet cleaning Riverview FL

Getting your carpet cleaned in Riverview Florida has never been so easy. A clean carpet is a big part of a happy home, a professional Riverview Fl carpet cleaning company will make keeping your floors clean an easy task. .


carpet cleaning


Tile and grout cleaning

Carpet Doctor cleans more than carpet, let us clean your tile and grout and save you the headache of doing it yourself.

Furniture cleaning

We clean all types of fibers to perfection Stop sitting on dirty furniture and start enjoying them again..

Dryer vent cleaning

When you grow tired of having your clothes take too long to dry give us a call and find out how affordable it really is.. .


The Importance of Customer Satisfaction

No business or organization can exist without customers. It is vital that as many customers are as happy as possible. Of course it is not always possible to satisfy every customers needs, but the old saying of "the customer is always right" should be adhered to. The words "even when they're wrong" could also be applied. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction. If we didn't, we wouldn't last long in business. We want to keep our customers happy for a variety of reasons.

1. It gives us satisfaction and pride that the job we have done is well appreciated.

2. It means that our customers will give us good reviews to their friends and acquaintances.

3. It means that our customer is likely to return.

4. We also understand that it is far easier to keep a customer rather than look for a new one.

The other important aspect that we realize is that an unhappy customer is generally more likely to air grievances to their peers rather than directing their discontent at us. This means bad reviews on review sites, or on social media. It is very difficult to bounce back from such negative feedback. We also realize that the job isn't simply from meeting the customer for the first time to when payment has been made, but very often after sales care is key to the whole process. This after sales care is what enables us to keep our return customers, because they know we can be trusted and relied upon. Our assistance to any problem that may occur after the sale is complete is every bit as important in helping the customer to purchase our service in the first place. In summary, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction because of professional pride, keeping customers, and creating a lasting and ongoing trusting relationship between us and our customer.

Why We Only Use Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Units


Truck mounted carpet cleaning units have the power and the capability of cleaning upholstery, carpets and lots of other hard surfaces. To put it simply, the units are capable of handling virtually all types of surfaces regardless of whether they are heavily or lightly soiled. Below are some reasons why we only use truck mounted carpet cleaning units.

Using the equipment is highly beneficial since the units are mounted permanently on trucks and this makes them very secure. These units are quite heavy; however, they can be moved around onto other trucks with very minimal effort whenever it is necessary. Furthermore, all the equipment and hoses that will be required to clean carpets in offices or homes are connected and mounted to the trucks. This eliminates the need to bring along bulky equipment which tends to cause obstruction as the professionals perform the carpet cleaning exercises. 

For the homeowners, fewer equipment is brought into the house. Items such as chemical bottles, noisy machinery and water buckets are all left outside the house. The quick set up and cleaning made possible by truck mounted carpet cleaning units makes them a preferable choice because they enable the technicians to complete the jobs quickly and efficiently. We are one of the few Riverview Fl carpet cleaning companies that only use Truck mounts to give our customers the deep clean they are looking for.

The suitable heat and pressure levels are easily supplied thus making it easier to clean difficult surfaces without causing any damage to property owned by homeowners. Carpet cleaning units mounted on trucks are now being produced with shorter hoses and fewer parts. As such, internal areas are accessed better with the equipment as opposed to the traditional forms of equipment that are often carried around. The truck mounted units are also preferred because less materials are now used during the manufacturing process. The water pumps supplied with the equipment are also environmentally friendly. Therefore, technicians will use less water and this means homeowners will have very minimal amounts of water getting into their home environments.

Carpet cleaning Riverview Fl

Discover Why a Clean Carpet Makes a Healthy Home

Keeping your carpets clean is essential for a healthy and fresh home. Despite regular vacuum cleaning, carpets usually become dirty over time. Hence, keeping them clean is a constant battle, especially if you have pets or small children. Of course, we all want to live in a healthy, clean and beautiful home, but what many of us do not realize is that everything comes at a cost, including achieving this goal of having a healthy home.


Deep cleaning your carpet is therefore essential to maintaining a fresh and healthy home. However, the carpet you once loved ended up looking weary and tired and might even make you sneeze. If this is your case, do not despair. With the right tool and cleaning products, you can easily clean your carpets without filling each room in the house with toxic chemicals. By doing this, your old rugged carpet might just win its way back into your heart.


Why does a clean carpet make a healthy home? First of all, it benefits your health. Regular vacuuming and cleaning will make your indoor air cleaner. Secondly, it benefits your wallet, because regular cleaning makes your carpet last longer. A clean carpet also benefits the environment, because it stays out of the landfill for a longer period of time.

 Tips for Cleaning your Carpet

 In order to ensure that your carpet will benefit your home, there are some things you can do:

  Shoes Off

Make a habit out of taking your shoes off every time you enter the home.

  Use Doormats

Place doormats both inside and outside your doors in order to keep dirt and other bacteria off your carpets. Remember to vacuum these mats on a frequent basis.

  Clean up Spills ASAP

In order to prevent stains and dirt from affecting your carpets, clean the spill right away.

 Vacuum on a Regular Basis

Frequent vacuuming, especially in those high-traffic areas, are extremely beneficial for your carpets, keeping the dirt off and allowing you to enjoy a healthier home and allowing more time between the need for a carpet cleaning Riverview Fl service to be performed.

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